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Home Office Edition

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Clearing Clutter & Creating Systems for Entrepreneurs and Others Who Office At Home

Next Class begins Monday, September 09, 2024

What if I told you that one of the major things standing between a successful business is the lack of systems? What if I told you that the clutter in your home office was detracting from your ability to focus on your work?

Maybe you’re thinking, “What’s clutter got to do with my work?” or maybe you’re thinking “Systems are for big corporations! ” or even “I became an entrepreneur because I wanted freedom, not structure!”

One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that you cannot welcome new things into your life if you don’t release some of the old stuff. You need to begin to purge things from your life.

This includes your office.

What do I know about Systems or Clutter?

I’ve been self-employed since 2003. My business life has always thrived when my working environment was supportive. And…when I find myself struggling, the first place I look is my desk. Because a messy desk means I can’t find those notes I made about that new client….and I sure can’t think about what to write when all I can focus on is piles of paper.

I am not a naturally organized person. But my office is clean, neat, and tidy because otherwise, I flounder.

And I let systems become my jam because I’ve learned they support me and add to my sense of freedom rather than make me feel tied down.

I’ve also learned that everything around us holds energy. And when we open up the space, good things flow to us – both in our personal life and our business worlds.

Working from home isn’t always easy. There are distractions abound – neighbors, the postman, the laundry, Netflix…. So, don’t let the clutter add to your distractions.

Working from home can give you a sense of freedom you’ll never find in a cubicle. So the creation of systems will help you feel free because you’ll be supported by a structure that fits your needs.

I created the Home Office Edition to help you clear your physical spaces and create systems that fit your life and business.

  • Every day of the course, I’ll be giving you food for thought – and small tasks to slowly clear your spaces.
  • With each daily email, you’ll begin to create an environment that is rich and supportive of your dreams.
  • I’ll also be sharing some tips for managing client data, setting up files, and creating a blogging and/or social media calendar.
  • And we’ll have tips, too, on how to set up a system so that you won’t miss important bills.

Just think: 30 Days. 30 Minutes (or less). Tidy spaces. Supportive Systems.

Note: This course is "Lifetime Access". Which means you can repeat at no cost anytime it runs.

  • Beginning Monday, September 09, 2024

NOTE: Sign up TODAY and receive your Welcome Letter with tips for preparing.

Want to tackle your Home Office...then the WHOLE House? 

The Clutter Busting Course will begin on Sunday, October 20th.

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Home Office Edition

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